How should a blog look like to attract the target audience

How should a blog look like to attract the target audience 150 150 admin

Your blogs can become outdated one day, or at least become less attractive to readers. Now that we’ve made it through 2021, it’s time to look into 2022. Let’s take a look at 5 digital content formats that will work best for corporate blogging not only in 2022 but beyond – simply because they’re versatile.…

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How to make your Instagram account most profitable

How to make your Instagram account most profitable 150 150 admin

Make sure that your content stands out from the competition, amazes people, and ultimately encourages action. What kind of updates is Instagram preparing for us? How to recruit subscribers and keep them soon? These questions are easy to answer if you constantly follow modern trends. Moreover, there are special photo editors and tools to help…

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Shameless marketing tactics

Shameless marketing tactics 150 150 admin

The main property of such techniques is that they completely capture the attention of users and awaken an unaccountable, irresistible interest in the advertised product or service. Understanding the prospects of sales via the Internet, each type of offline business seeks to move to the Internet and advance there, and for this, Internet marketers are…

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How CRM helps the marketing process

How CRM helps the marketing process 150 150 admin

When planning a marketing budget, we distribute it across advertising channels, expecting returns from each of them in potential customers. However, sometimes it happens that our expectations are not met. Why so? Well, maybe we are investing in the wrong channels. Why CRM? One of the most convenient ways to analyze the profitability of marketing…

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Complete immersion in VR reality

Complete immersion in VR reality 150 150 admin

Almost everyone has heard about Virtual Reality, tried it, or watched videos about it. But it’s not everybody who can explain what it is and how it works. Let’ find it out together. From a scientific perspective, VR is a term for content that can be played using virtual reality headsets, smartphones, tablets or other…

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Marketing Warfare

Marketing Warfare 150 150 admin

“Only the market leader should consider playing defense.” Jack Trout wrote these words in his famous book many years ago and they still make sense. Today, the laws of competition are very fierce, they lead to ruin, loss of property, sources of income of weak subjects of a market economy, but it rewards the strongest…

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