Complete immersion in VR reality

Complete immersion in VR reality

Complete immersion in VR reality 150 150 admin

Almost everyone has heard about Virtual Reality, tried it, or watched videos about it. But it’s not everybody who can explain what it is and how it works. Let’ find it out together.

From a scientific perspective, VR is a term for content that can be played using virtual reality headsets, smartphones, tablets or other digital devices. The content, in this case, can be either a linear video shot on a panoramic camera or interactive 3D simulations, similar to those that can be experienced in modern computer games.

In simple terms, this is a world created using computer technology, which can be accessed using one of the special helmets. A few years ago, most of us associate virtual reality with science fiction from the distant future. But things have quickly changed!

How does it work?

All VR helmets work on the same principle. Each of them has a couple of stereoscopic screens or their emulators for the visual range. The device renders two pictures at once separately for each of the eyes, and the difference between them creates the effect of presence.

A study on “The Impact of VR on Academic Activities” conducted in Beijing showed great results. Two groups of children were taught the same discipline but in different ways. The first group – using traditional methods, the second – using virtual reality. Students of the first group scored an average of 73% in the final test, students of the VR group – 93%. The VR team also showed a deeper understanding and retention of knowledge after two weeks.

Often, headphones are used along with a virtual reality helmet, which transmits the sounds of a three-dimensional environment surrounding the user. Ideally, both output devices should simultaneously respond to the rotation of the user’s head for deeper immersion.

It also must be noted, that VR installations enable consumers to experience high-quality virtual reality without any investment in equipment. They also provide an excellent opportunity for creators as more and more brands are eager to use VR as a marketing tool.